RESET brings joy to society in general and to retirees in particular by creating opportunities and benefits where there was little or no hope. It walks with them to explore new horizons through fun-filled adventure. This is realized through the following activities:

  1. To provide psychosocial support necessary to manage transition.
  2. To provide preventive and wellness program to help retirees manage their health so as to prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer.
  3. To organize talks and training seminars on employable and entrepreneurial skills that address felt needs in society.
  4. To create re-employment in retirement that will keep retirees busy.
  5. To engage retirees in fun programs like hiking, and or excursions and organized trips to tourist sites.
  6. To organize social interactive sessions where cohorts share their experiences in real life solutions across all aspects of their lives.
  7. To ensure retirees access discounted insurance premiums and related benefits.
  8. To provide opportunities to impact the retirees with skills and experiences through mentorship programs.


RESET has the following packages:

  1. Preventive and wellness.
  2. Financial and investment.
  3. Entrepreneurial and employable skills
  4. Access to discounted insurance
  5. Succession planning at family level


RESET trainers are highly skilled and competent to positively impact retirees as well as mentor the youth into productive and resourceful members of society.


Individuals about to retire or retired from active employment who are willing to enjoy RESET services and also share their vast knowledge and experience with the youth for a better society.