Experience shows that some of those who retire without prior preparation face a very stressful life. In the process of interaction with many retirees we were told of a case of a senior executive officer who found it hard to transit to his rural areas where he had not even built a home. Instead, he rented a single room in the slum and became a small item vendor. Regrettably, he passed on after four months. In another case, a program officer of a Research Centre developed an incurable ailment after he received his retirement letter, one year to the actual retirement date. The above affirms the difficulties of transition to retirement. Many of those who retire to sedentary lifestyles face enormous challenges including non-communicable diseases like depression, which sometimes, unfortunately, leads to early death.
Those who venture into business find they are ill prepared and soon lose their life savings including pension, plunging them into untold suffering. Faced with these life-threatening realities, RESET hopes to prepare people for a fulfilling and productive life in retirement.